Awesome Bread Machine Dinner Rolls


I can’t say enough good things about these rolls ~ they are delicious!   You do have to check the dough when it gets mixed up in the machine as you may have to add more flour so it isn’t sticky.

This is my standard roll recipe that I use for holidays and everyday dinners. I rarely have any leftover and when I do they are great to use to make a turkey or ham sandwich.

I make mine on the small side ~ probably about the size of a golf ball so I get more than 15. I usually have my whole jelly roll pan full after they have risen.

Awesome Bread Machine Rolls

1 cup water
2 Tbs butter, softened
1 egg
3 1/4 cups bread flour (start with 3 cups and see if you need the extra 1/4 cup ~ I always need it)
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
3 tsp yeast

Put all ingredients on the pan in the order recommended by the manufacturer. Use the dough cycle.

When finished, pull apart into 15 (or more) balls. Place on greased cookie sheet 2″ apart and brush with melted butter. Cover and set in slightly warm place to rise for about 30-40 minutes or until nearly doubled in size.

Bake at 375º for 12-15 minutes or until lightly golden brown. Remove and brush with butter again.

Makes 15 or more depending on size.


Happy Cooking!

96 thoughts on “Awesome Bread Machine Dinner Rolls

  1. I used your roll recipe and they were awesome, wasn’t any left in about 30 minutes. I would like to try the same recipe but with wheat flour, not sure how to do it though. If anyone has tried this recipe with wheat flour please let me know.

  2. I use this exact recipe and we all love them…I think I would be happier if they would rise more…would a little more yeast make that happen, or what am I doing wrong? There are times that my dough hits the lid to my machine and other times not even to the top of the pan? Any advice?

    • I think it depends on if your ingredients are warm enough. My machine warms up the ingredients to the proper temperature before starting to mix. If it didn’t, I would make sure my ingredients were at the proper temperature before starting. Liquid should be warm but not hot, eggs at room temp, etc. Follow whatever it says in the book that came with your machine. I’ve also noted that the weather sometimes affects the rising ~ too much humidity and it doesn’t rise as much. Also, some recipes just seem to rise more than others. This particular recipe doesn’t rise as much as some other roll recipes I’ve tried.

  3. I veganized this recipe because we got back from a trip and didn’t have the perishable ingredients available and it worked out great! We sub’ed 2 tbsp canola oil for the butter; 3 tbsp almond milk + 1 tsp baking powder for the egg; we also cut the salt to 1/2 tsp.

  4. It’s to bad that the world is discovering how easy it is to make awesome rolls! I was just letting folks think I was the best cook ever!

  5. Recipe is from the Gold Medal Bread Machine Recipes cookbooklet.
    Try using 1/4 cup wheat flour for the 3 and 1/4 cups flour.
    Nancy’s recipes, indeed. Nancy needs a disclaimer, we think.

    • Oh get over yourself ~ I got it off a message board (which no longer exists) with no disclaimer attached. Do you think I own EVERY SINGLE COOKBOOK(let) out there? BTW, I CAN’T use wheat flour which you would know if you read this blog with any regularity instead of coming here with your holier than thou attitude.

      • Lol….you tell em nancy. I just came back, have to make dozens of these for tomorrow. New Years Eve at out place. Hope you have a good one!! Cheers

      • Nancy, Who gives a damn! You are not selling the recipe and a disclaimer would only make people want to try this recipe even more. Actually would give you an advantage. I’ve got it in machine now. Going to make into animal shapes with the children! Thanks for sharing sweetheart!!

      • Aren’t some people too stupid for words. Why should anyone care where you found the recipe. She can either use it or ignore it.
        Thanks for a great recipe.

  6. I absolutely love these rolls/bread. My kids are grown so only me and my husband are around. I make one loaf of bread and six rolls out of the recipe. Perfect for the two of us.

  7. My bread machine was given to me by a friend years ago. It seems that every recipe that I look for says “Put all ingredients on the pan in the order recommended by the manufacturer.” I don’t have the book that came with it so I have NO IDEA what is recommended by the manufacturer. 😦

    My machine is a Westbend. I believe that it is a 2 lb loaf. It has the tall vertical loaf pan, not the vertical pans that are being made by most manufacturers today. Any advice as to how I add the ingredients for this recipe?

    • Try googling westbend and see if they have the book online or call their 800# and see if they can send you one. If not, here’s how I do mine: All liquids first, then dry ingredients (and things like butter), then flour, then yeast. Make sure your liquids are at the right temperature ~ basically lukewarm. Good luck!

    • I always put it in in the order listed. Has never seemed to make a difference. Water temp is most important and keeping salt away from yeast until machine starts mixing.

    • I don’t know if this will help you or not but here goes.
      My instruction book says to see how much water your machine holds. For 1 1/2 lb. loaves your machine should hold 12 cups .mine makes a 1 lb. loaf and holds 9 cups water, It list water or milk , salt,egg, oleo or butter, flour, sugar, yeast. I would think that would work in any machine.
      Hope this helps.

  8. This recipe is similar to my own “Awesome” rolls. I think it’s the eggs and sugar. I use this base for everything and I’m always subbing sugars, flours, oils, spices, herbs, cheeses. Shapes for hot dog buns, grinder rolls, pizza dough, stickybuns, raisin bread, parm and chives! You just can’t go wrong! But…have to keep my bread machine in the basement or I’ll be making fresh rolls every day! Thinking about moving it to the barn!

  9. WOW…….the family is begging me to make more as soon as these are gone….I’ve made 4 batches in the last 2 weeks…. made some different sizes and shapes…. the kids love them for sandwiches and hotdogs…haven’t tried just letting it bake in the machine yet but I think I might try it…I have the machine that makes long loaves just like store bought.

  10. Hi, Your rolls sound so great. I made buns and they are super great and disappear fast. I make mine with 2-1/2 cups bread flour, 1-1/4 cups whole wheat flour, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, 5 tablespoons unsalted butter, 1 cup warm water,and 2-1/2 to 3 tablespoons yeast. Everyone ask me to make these for them. I was in a car accident last year and had to go to therapy. I brought bread after the first visit for the young ladies to taste and they started buying 12 hamburger sized buns for $12.00. I was visiting therapy three days a week and was making $24.00 every other day. Then I started selling cakes, cheesecake cookies, three milk cakes, more bread and chocolate chip cookies. I was selling the cookies for $10 a dozen, the cakes for $25 each and my $12 buns. This lasted for 7 weeks. I made over $180 a week. I was happy to be well, but sad when my time was up. I will try your bread in about 30 minutes. I have an old bread machine from 11 years ago, 2 from a resale shop and one new one that my neighbor gave me for Christmas. The one from the resale cost $3.00 Thank you, Mary

    • This is Mary again. Can I substitute some whole wheat flour and can I add some salt to the butter for the top coating.What if I made your bread dough roll it out to a rectangle, cover it with brown sugar, cinnamon, butter and rolled into a log and let it rise and cut into cinnamon rolls. Would it work?

      • I think subbing some whole wheat would be fine and the salt mixed with the butter for the top would be awesome! It seems to me it would be perfect made into cinnamon rolls. Come back and let me know how these worked out for you!

  11. If you are looking for the perfect recipe for delicious, buttery rolls, look no further. I’ve tested many different recipes and this is by far my favorite. I’ve made it a bunch of times and it ALWAYS comes out perfect. Your family will literally love you for making them. They’ll be on our Thanksgiving table this year (and probably Christmas too!) Thanks for the great recipe, Nancy!

    • I’m not sure it can be since it was developed for a bread machine but I would try it by mixing the yeast and warm water until it foams then mix with all other ingredients except flour. Add flour until it makes a nice, non-sticky dough. Let it rise, shape the dough, let them rise, then bake.

  12. Still trying to master the zucchini thing. I’m in no way a baker but these rolls were so easy and delicious I figured it wouldn’t be hard to experiment. But the bread didn’t turn out. Any ideas? Should I be cutting back on the water?

    • It’s probably because the zucchini is so wet. I would try wringing the zucchini out in a tea towel and cutting back on the water. Check the dough as it starts to mix and see if you need to add more water.

  13. These look so yummy! To answer the salt vs no salt question…Some salt is necessary when making yeast bread because it controls the growth of the yeast. Salt also aids in the rising of the dough so always include the salt. *smile*

  14. These were a lifesaver. I went to make buns for Thanksgiving dinner and realized I didn’t have any milk powder so when I found this recipe, I was excited to try it. They are AWESOME! We can’t wait to eat more at dinner and now that the bread machine is out, these will likely be made regularly

  15. Had to come back here to leave a comment. This recipe is by far the best I have come across yet on the internet. The rolls turned out great and were gone in seconds. I tried 2 small loaves and they disappeared just as fast. Many thanks for a fantastic recipe. Next I’m going to try zucchini bread with this recipe as the base.

      • I’m attempting the zucchini bread today, just not sure how much I should cut the water back because the zucchini is so moist. For the first time, I might not use less water but make sure the zucchini is well drained. I will be back to let you know how it turns out. Thanks again for posting this recipe!

  16. I’m so delighted to have come across your recipe for these wonderful dinner rolls. I made them this evening in a jiffy and they were a huge success. light, fluffy, buttery and delicious! I will be sure to include them in many a meal..
    thank you,

    • I’ve explained many times to NOT use the print button below the recipe but to highlight the recipe, click on print in YOUR browser, click on print selection, then click on print and THEN you will get JUST the recipe. Very simple.

    • That’s a good question! I haven’t done it but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. If you give it a try, please come back and let us know how it turned it!!

      • My thought is unless you really needed a loaf that the rolls are going to go over better, more brushed on butter coverage on the crust. For that reason I made 16(easier to divide that way) and made sure I spaced them on a large greased cookie sheet so they wouldn’t bake into each other. Thank you for the recipe, it’s mostly a basic white bread recipe except for the egg. They were a hit.

    • I just finished the bread, the receipe for the rolls gave 2 beautiful loaves, very light and fluffy. They are the size of a normal loaf pan.
      I would highly recommend this. Fabulous with butter.
      Thank you for the great receipe.

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  19. Just wondering if they freeze well. I look forward to making them, but the recipe makes too many for us to eat all at once.

    • I use salted ~ actually, I never use unsalted in anything. I know it makes people cringe but I use alot of butter and I’d go broke buying both kinds, LOL!! Either kind will work fine 🙂

      • I only buy unsalted then add salt as appropriate. But it makes sense to use salted melted butter on the rising dough and freshly baked buns, my gran’s buns always had a nice salty flavour – that must be what’s missing! I’m snowed in at home today, gosh darn it, I’ll just have to try these out.

      • These buns live up to their name… awesome! My husband thought they were store bought buns 🙂 The key was the salted butter brushed on just after baking. This recipe is darn near close to grans and a keeper!

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  21. Wow! These are so easy and so delicious!! They turned out amazing and my family loved them. I am making another batch today! Thanks for posting…… this is going to my new bun recipe.

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  23. Fantastic buns! I have been searching everywhere for a good recipe after my last bread machine died, and I got a new one, but the recipe book did not include a bun recipe. Definatley adding you to my favorites! Thank you! 🙂

  24. I have been using this recipe as my go-to dinner roll recipe and it’s fantastic! I brought them for Thanksgiving dinner, and they were even requested by a friend to bring to a potluck dinner. I serve them with flavored butters, I make one batch plain and serve it with whipped maple honey butter and then I do a second batch with cracked rosemary and serve that with butter blended with Penzey’s Fox Point seasoning.

    I have also made these dairy free for a friend with a milk allergy, substituting earth balance brand spread for the butter and they came out fabulous.

    The rolls are always a hit, thanks for the great recipe!

  25. I lost the roll recipe I have used for years when I moved a couple of months ago. When I was told to bring the rolls to dinner for Thanksgiving I started searching the internet looking for a new recipe. For some reason I kept coming back to this recipe. The only thing I have to say is I am glad I lost my recipe. Everyone loved thes rolls. They are easy to make and they melt in your mouth. This is now the recipe I will use all the time. Thank you for sharing!!!

  26. Ausome rolls, made them for Thanksgiving dinner,and everyone loved them, allthough I made them on a cookie sheet golf ball size and I got perfet size dinner rolls, when you make them the other way they are almost mini loafs, I also substituted suger for honey

  27. WOW! So happy I found this recipe! They were a huge hit with our Thanksgiving supper this year. Very fluffy and light,unlike other dinner rolls I have made in my machine;that were heavy.
    They are also perfect for hamburger buns,I just made them a little bigger. My family loves them,and I will be making them more often.

  28. This recipe is so simple, yet the rolls taste absolutely fabulous! We love them so much that I make them once or twice a week and they are gobbled up in no time. Everyone asks for my recipe and this is the one I share with them.

    I do use the full 3 1/4 cups of the bread flour and it is just perfect…great taste and texture….better than any others I have ever tasted!!

  29. This was by FAR the BEST dinner rolls we have ever had. The recipe is clear, and I did end up adding about as much flour called for 3-1/4 cups.

    All I can say is thank you Nancy 🙂

  30. My son and his friends LOVE these rolls! The recipe is a breeze and while the dough is rising I soften butter and when the rolls are done I stir in some cinnamon to the butter. It tastes heavenly on the warm rolls.

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  32. These are the best rolls I have ever made. My grandchildren love homemade breads and say these are the best!!! Thank you so much!!

  33. The texture on these are awesome! One of the best new bread recipes I’ve tried in over a year.

    I’ve used olive oil instead of butter for the dough. Next time I’ll add half a teaspoon extra salt and will warm the olive oil with rosemary first for extra flavour.


  34. Oh Yummmo I just made your recipe tonight… the bread just came out of the oven… little loaves of love!

    Here are mine:

    Peace & Happiness,

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