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I just want to let my readers know a few things:

The weather is getting warmer ~ in fact, I had my AC on already ~ and I start to get busy outside.  That means less cooking and baking for me.  I will still be posting new recipes but less frequently until the weather starts to cool down in the fall.

Starting this month, Recipe Round-Up will start coming on the last day of every month at least until fall.  The first monthly round-up will be for April.

I will be having a new Gooseberry Patch cookbook giveaway in May (towards the end, I think) so make sure you look for it.

I will continue to be busy over on A Recipe A Day on Facebook.  I’ll be posting links to  recipes, crafts, etc., that I find on other blogs and sites that look good.  Please come on over if you aren’t already there.

Happy Cooking!

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I haven’t forgotten but I have been having problems with my sugar levels so I haven’t been cooking anything good ~ just trying to get the levels down without much luck.

I am going to take some time to get them back to my “normal” so I probably won’t be posting too much and I am heading out on vacation soon, too, so when I get back, things should be better and I’ll get back to posting.

In the meantime, a couple of my friends have prepared posts so I’ll schedule those for when I’m away.  Their recipes look divine.  If anyone wants to do post a recipe while I’m gone, I need the recipe, a picture, and a bit about the recipe.  I’ll need it by Sunday night.

When I get back, I’ll write a post on diabetic/allergy dining and let you know how I stayed away from all the delectable, sugary foods I’m sure to encounter.  I have zero willpower so we’ll see how this goes.

I’ll be back soon with regular posts!

Happy Cooking!


January ~ February


I can’t believe it’s February already!

I blogged recipes all of January except yesterday.  Yesterday, we had a home visit from a Best Friends Animal Sanctuary representative in the hopes that we can adopt a dog from them in the near future.  It went fine although Zippy was a little crazy.  We are looking forward to finding that “perfect for us” dog!

Anyway, I was looking through my last month’s posts trying to decide what my favorite recipe of January was and I think it has to be Three Tomato Pasta

Let me know if you’ve tried any of January’s recipes and what your favorites were!

February brings the Lunar New Year, the Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day ~ all great cooking events so look for recipes for all three!  February also brings a long-awaited vacation at the end of the month which will entail lots of restaurant meals so I’ll be blogging about that in March ~ with pictures of course!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new recipe ~ see you then!!

Happy Cooking!

2010 In Review

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I thought that you all might be interested in how my blog did stats-wise this year ~ pretty good!!!   Thank you all for making 2010 a great year.  On to 2011!!

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 280,000 times in 2010. If it were an exhibit at The Louvre Museum, it would take 12 days for that many people to see it.


In 2010, there were 140 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 515 posts. There were 357 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 265mb. That’s about 7 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was July 7th with 3,629 views. The most popular post that day was Peach Blueberry Crostata.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for strawberry muffins, stuffed peppers, zucchini casserole, easy shrimp scampi, and recipe of the day.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Peach Blueberry Crostata June 2010


Fresh Strawberry Muffins August 2008


My Mom’s Stuffed Peppers June 2008


Baked Shrimp Scampi ~ Barefoot Contessa January 2009


How to Make Rotisserie Chicken on the Grill April 2009

Happy Cooking!

Recipe Re-run ~ Minestrone Soup II

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I have spent lots of time today figuring out my new camera which leaves little time for posting so I am going to repost one of our favorite soup recipes.  I wish I had the ingredients so I could make it today!

Minestrone Soup II

3 tablespoons olive oil
3 cloves garlic, chopped
2 onions, chopped
2 cups chopped celery
5 carrots, sliced
2 cups chicken broth
2 cups water
4 cups tomato sauce
1/2 cup red wine (optional)
1 cup canned kidney beans, drained
1 (15 ounce) can green beans
2 cups baby spinach, rinsed
3 zucchinis, quartered and sliced
1 tablespoon chopped fresh oregano
tablespoons chopped fresh basil
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup seashell pasta
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese for topping
1 tablespoon olive oil

In a large stock pot, over medium-low heat, heat olive oil and saute garlic for 2 to 3 minutes. Add onion and saute for 4 to 5 minutes. Add celery and carrots, saute for 1 to 2 minutes.

Add chicken broth, water and tomato sauce, bring to boil, stirring frequently. If desired add red wine at this point. Reduce heat to low and add kidney beans, green beans, spinach leaves, zucchini, oregano, basil, salt and pepper. Simmer for 30 to 40 minutes, the longer the better.

Fill a medium saucepan with water and bring to a boil. Add macaroni and cook until tender. Drain water and set aside.

Once pasta is cooked and so up is heated through place 2 tablespoons cooked pasta into individual serving bowls. Ladle soup on top of pasta and sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top. Drop a dollop of olive oil on top and serve.

Here’s a link to the original post ~ Minestrone Soup II

Happy Cooking!

Snowy Sunday


We *rarely* get snow here and when we do, it’s usually just a bit and in the blink of an eye, it’s gone.  As of noon today, we had 9 1/2 inches!  Everything is closed down, including tunnels, and it hasn’t let up a bit.  One thing about this area ~ they have no clue on how to plow roads.  Never mind neighborhoods.  We have to wait until it melts enough to get out of our street.  Crazy!

I decided that I’m not cooking today.  I’m exhausted and I pulled something in my shoulder so I’m taking it easy.  Worst of all ~ I have to ration my diet pepsi since I’m not stocked up and won’t get to the store for a few days.  ACK!

Here are some pics of our snowy Sunday!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe and new snow pictures!   I got a new fancy camera and a telephoto lens so hopefully there will be new fab photos in the not too distant future!

Happy Cooking!

Thank you, Gooseberry Patch!


I am thrilled to have been chosen as the Featured Friday Blog by Gooseberry Patch for today!   I’ve been a fan of Gooseberry Patch for many years so this is just icing on the cake!

So, if you want to see a really bad picture of me and my family and learn a couple of things about me ~ head on over.  While you’re there, take a look around (especially at their cookbooks) and see what a great company they are!

Grab the posted recipe ~ it’s just awesome!

Back tomorrow with a new recipe!

Happy Cooking!

Snow Day!


If you have never been to this area, you have to realize that two or three flakes of snow drive everyone to a frenzy of closings and delays.  We had what I would call a dusting of snow and, right on cue, everyone goes nuts.  There were so many accidents, the police stopped counting ~ how bad is that?

My DD lives about an hour and a half north and they got between 7 and 9 inches and they are just STOPPED.  No one is going anywhere, I guess.

I went on my daily trip to the dog park and the driving was fine except for the overpasses ~ they were complete ice ~ but as long as you take care, it’s not a problem.  Tomorrow morning will be dicey becasue it will all freeze.

Here is what my poor daffodils looked like this morning ~


My poor old froggy ~


In this picture you can see all the red buds on the tree ~


And it’s still flurrying ~ I’m sure businesses will close and schools will let out early.  It just cracks me up because where I grew up, we didn’t even get out for blizzards, LOL!

Back to the recipes tomorrow but for today it’s a SNOW DAY!!!!!

Happy Cooking!