A New Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Giveaway Begins Today!!!!



I am sorry that I have been MIA but I have been sick, sick, sick!  Thanks to Mr. Meat Eater who brought home this lovely illness from one of his business trips, I, of course, was much sicker than he was.   I *think* I am finally starting to turn the corner!!! One thing I did do was figure out how to add a print/pdf button and a Pinterest button to each post so I won’t be using google documents anymore.  The print button will take you to the Print Friendly site where you can choose to print a regular copy or a pdf.

I really have done NO cooking for about a week and a half but started up again yesterday with an easy and delicious recipe from the new Gooseberry Patch cookbook The Christmas Table Cookbook:

The giveaway for this great cookbook will run for 2 weeks until June 5 at midnight.  If you win, I may not be able to get the book in the mail to you until after June 9.  My daughter is getting married that day and I will have a house full of people and dogs and just be generally going out of my mind.

All you have to do to enter is to just leave a comment that you want to win ~ very easy!  I will pick a winner using random.org and announce the winner on June 6 here and on Facebook.

Last night I made oven-barbecued chicken.  I will confess that I have lost the ability to taste anything with this cold but Mr. Meat Eater loved it and ate half the pan.  It was very easy to put together.  I did turn my oven up to 375º so the chicken would brown up a little but otherwise I made it as stated in the recipe.  Mr. Meat Eater said he would like some hot sauce added next time.

Oven Barbecued Chicken
Submitted by Paula Eggleston, Knoxville, TN

2 tbsp butter
1 onion, sliced
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp packed brown sugar
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 cup catsup
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
3 to 3.5 lbs chicken ~ I used legs

In a saucepan, over medium heat, melt butter. Add onion, and cook and stir until the onion is tender.

Add remaining ingredients except for the chicken. Heat to boiling; reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Arrange chicken in 13×9 pan and pour the sauce over the chicken.

Bake, uncovered, at 350º for 1 hour and 15 minutes or until juices run clear and chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Makes 4 servings.

NOTE: The recipe submitter says that this is easily doubled. It’s also easy to make half.

Happy Cooking!

222 thoughts on “A New Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Giveaway Begins Today!!!!

  1. Collecting cookbooks is a hobby of mine-would love to add this one to my growing collection. Hope you are better soon.

  2. I cherish my cookbooks and would love to add this one to my collection. I am so glad that I found this site.

  3. Couldn’t turn down a Gooseberry Patch cookbook…just about nothing better out there. Hope you feel better!

  4. I would love to win the new Gooseberry Patch Christmas book. I enjoy the recipes and the stories and hints. thanks

  5. Hope you will get better soon. Would love to win a copy of this book. I have been collecting gooseberry patch for many years. Making lots of crafts and great things to eat.

  6. I would love to win this cookbook – I have just started adding the Gooseberry editions to my collection. Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

  7. I own almost every cookbook from Gooseberry. I’m collecting them for my teenage daughter. They will be a nice gift to her when she gets married one day. The cookbooks are wonderful and I reccommend them to all my friends. However, I would love to win one!!!

  8. I would love to win this cookbook. I think Gooseberry Patch is so awesome. Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  9. I am taking care of my mother who is 88 (who is going blind & has trouble keeping her balance) however, she still enjoys the new recipes that I see on the “Net” and prepare for the two of us. When I see a recipe that catches my eye…it seems to be fun & exciting to anticipate trying something “new”. Thank you for this opportunity.

  10. Gooseberry Patch have been some of my favorite cookbooks. I was at a craft store today and they had Christmas crafts out and I immediately thought of my holiday ideas I’ve collected from my Gooseberry Patch books. I would love to add this to my collection!! 🙂

  11. I have collected cookbooks for a long time and just started a few years ago collecting yours I would love to add this one to the collection. Thanks Nancy Yancey

  12. Glad to hear you’re starting to feel better. You know what they say, starve a cold and feed a fever, either way food will do you good! 🙂 I would love to win the cookbook, please enter me! Thank you.

  13. I love all the cookbooks but Christmas is my favorite, I enjoy the tips scattered through the books as much as the recipes.

  14. Glad you are feeling better! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this cookbook. I collect GB Patch books and do not have this one.

  15. I have many of the GBP Cookbooks and this one would make a wonderful addition to my collection! Hoping to the see the GBP ladies at the upcoming Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio

  16. I would love this cook book. I sure hope you get to feeling better and that you enjoy the wedding. Take care.

  17. I love Christmas, my favorite holiday, and I would love, love, love, your cookbook. Sorry you have been ill. Glad you are feeling better.

  18. I just love these cookbooks. It’s more than the great recipes, it’s also the wonderful artwork and thoughtfulness. Would love to own this new one cause christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

  19. Thank you for sharing the chicken recipe, I’ll be making this recipe. I’d love to win your cookbook, I could use new Christmas dishes to try.

  20. Glad you are feeling better! Love and own several Goose Berry Patch Cookbooks and would definitely love to have “The Christmas Table”.

  21. I love Gooseberry cookbooks and would love to win and add this one to my collection.
    I hope your daughter has a wonderful wedding and many, many years of marriage happiness.

  22. I would love to win this.
    hope you are feeling better..
    I have had colds so bad that I couldn’t even taste the buckley’s cough medicine I was taking!!!!

  23. Yes, I would love to win a cookbook! Congrats to your daughter and hope you are 100% better for the big occasion! =D

  24. What a nice addition to my cookbook collection this would be! I hope you feel better soon, take care of you; you have a very big day coming up. Congratulations to your daughter.

  25. My sister is getting married in a few weeks too! I’m making her wedding cupcakes. I hope your daughter has a lovely day.

    I would love to win a cookbook, especially as Christmas is my favourite holiday.

  26. So glad you are back to feeling better – nothing worse than having to cook and not being able to taste it. Your chicken looks scrumptious and I’m thinking it w/be the perfect dish to take to our pot luck dinners at church. Would love to win your new cookbook – I’ve exhausted all of my old recipes. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your daughter’s wedding – a very special day for all.

  27. Glad to hear you can taste a little more each day! It only seems right that You, who shares such wonderful recipes with the rest of us, should be able to taste them! Glad to hear you are on the mend. Best regards to Mr. Meateater. He and my husband have the same idea about the main part of the meal being the Meat! Would love to have a chance at the cookbook also! Thank you!

  28. I would love to add the Christmas GP book to my collection! Happy to hear you got your taster back!!

  29. First off, glad you are feeling better. Second, I would really like to add this book to my Gooseberry Patch collection. I love to cook and your recipes are great!

  30. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Hope you enjoy that wedding. I know how hetic that can be as my daughter got married 3 years ago this month and I did all the cooking for the reception. Have fun. I’d love to win this cookbook.

  31. I would love-love-love to win your cookbook giveaway! I’m a big Gooseberry Patch fan…, you can never have too many of their cookbooks! And, thanks for the Oven-Barbecued Chicken recipe. I can’t wait to try it out on my family! 🙂

  32. Nancy

    Thanks for the great recipes! So sorry to hear that you have been sick. I hope you are better and that your your energy is fully restored. Sounds like you will need all the energy you can get in the next couple of weeks. Would love to be considered for the book drawing
    Blessings, Julie in Ontario

  33. Just love nothing more then to win a Christmas Cookbook. I alway start my shopping, and planning in July because of the work I have done. So always planning for the Holidays ahead of time. Yes, I am a florist, and have my time booked for the Holidays. Lets see what will make my family happers this Christmas.!!!!!!

  34. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and this cookbook would be a perfect fit in my collection.

  35. I would love to win the cookbook. Gooseberry Patch have the most down to earth recipes. I collect the cookbooks when I can and I also give them as gifts.

  36. I want to win!!! Please enter me in the Christmas cookbook contest!!! Thank you for the recipe!!!

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  38. Love your recipes & comments. I look forward each day to seeing & trying a new recipe.
    I also enjoy your appetizing cookbook covers.
    I would love to start collecting all your books.

  39. I would love to win this cookbook! Just started collecting Gooseberry Patch would love a Christmas edition! Congrats and good luck with the wedding.

  40. Love, love, love Gooseberry cookbooks! Hope you continue to feel better and good luck with your daughter’s wedding! Had two grandchildren get married last summer and I helped with that. Lots of fun.

  41. I love your cookbooks, and would love to win one! . I’ve bought a bunch that I store on my Kindle Fire. It would be great to have the newest one for free. Feel better soon !

  42. Hope u feel better!!! I would love to win a Gooseberry Cookbook! Congrats to ur daughter and her upcoming wedding may u all be blessed~

  43. I would love the new Christmas Gooseberry Cookbook! We have a Christmas tree farm and that is our favorite holiday! Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. I would love to win the cookbook!!! love trying new recipes!! my family has learned to expect something different when I cook for them! Hope you feel better soon!!! 🙂

  45. I love everything GBP and would be thrilled to win this cookbook. Thanks for giving me the chance 🙂

  46. Want to win to add to my Gooseberry Patch collection! Still navigating FB and delighted to find this and your blog! Always feel right in kitchen w/me! Do hope you will continue to improve! Please ramp-up your immune system before wedding or will take you back down again! 🙂

  47. So sorry your not feeling well,hope this passes soon! How exciting for your family,a wedding is so fun! Love your cookbooks!

  48. It would be great to win the Christmas Table Cookbook. Who doesn’t love new recipes for the holidays?
    Hope you are feeling better.

  49. I’m starting to collect these cookbooks which someday will go to my grandaughter. So I would love to have this one……PLEASE :>)

  50. I recieved a gooseberry patch cook book from my mom before she passed away from cancer. It would totally make my day if I could have the chance to win this! Thanks for the amazing recipies! Get well soon!

  51. Never met a Gooseberry Patch Cookbook I didn’t love! It’s one of my “not-so-guilty” pleasures! Thank you for the opportunity!

  52. I am making this tonight with ckn breast strips. I think I will add a little hot sauce to part of the sauce.

  53. Would be awesum too win your cookbook, a belated Birthday gift I hope!!! Im wishing 😀 Hope it can go too Canada?
    Thank you for the offer!

  54. I would love to win this cookbook as I loving cooking for family and friends and you can never have enough cookbooks

  55. I would love a cookbook! Loved your comments about mr.. meateater, and really hope you are feeling better. Congrats on your daughter’s wedding….

  56. I would really enjoy winning your cookbook, as I have a collection of them. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Thank-you

  57. I would love to win The Christmas Table cookbook. Want to try the Oven-Barbecued chicken. Looks and sounds yummy!!

  58. I love to win the cookbook! I enjoy trying out new recipes and am always on the lookout for new things to try. Hope you feel better soon. Janet

  59. I want to win!!!! That BBQ chicken recipe looks super yummy!!
    Congratulations on your daughter getting married, did that two summers ago. It was crazy up until the actual ceremony which turned out wonderful.

  60. sorry you’ve been ill. congratulations on the upcoming wedding of your daughter. nice to celebrate 🙂
    I’d love to win the cookbook.

  61. Hi 🙂 Hoping you feel better soon!! I’m with your husband on the hot sauce.My sons and I love the green sauce by a certain popular hot sauce company and will definitely be adding that:) I would really enjoy a chance at the Cook book as well.

    Thank you!- Michelle

  62. Oh my, I am so sorry to hear that you have been ill…get well soon! I love the barbeque chicken recipe and plan to make it this weekend. Please enter me in the drawing for the Gooseberry Cookbook. Thank you. Mary

  63. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill, am sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. I would love a chance to win the cookbook & hope your day is special 🙂

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