What’s Been Going On…


Sorry I haven’t been here lately but I came down with gout the day before Thanksgiving and I have been laid up since.  There has been no cooking going on at all.  In fact, I had to cancel our annual Christmas party which makes me very sad but there isn’t much I can do except wait this out.

I’ll be back soon ~ hopefully within a week or so.

Thanks for hanging in there!

Happy Cooking!


11 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On…

  1. Nancy,

    Sorry to hear about you getting gout! I know from my DH how very painful it is. Some of the things he does as maintenance to not get gout are; pineapple juice every morning along with a couple of cherries (I dehydrate them when they are in season so the price is reasonable). These things along with his staying away from ANYTHING high in purines seem to help him not get gout.

    And, did you know gout is relatively rare in women?

    Hope you are better soon.

  2. Hey Nancy I hope you get well soon. I am one of your dedicated readers who saves your recipes for times when i get free moments to experiment. Hope you get well soon! love your site!

    Fabian Christopher
    The Sandy Slipper

  3. Nancy, we will miss you. But am sure you are sitting there reading all those cook books and searching the net….. and will make up for lost time. LOL

  4. Hi Nancy
    Very sorry to hear you are suffering from Gout , my husband has had Gout since his twenties,I know its very painful. If this is a new illness for you, PM me and maybe I can give you some helpful tips.

  5. OUCH……that is so painful.

    I just read Tart Cherry juice helps the inflamation. I do not know how old you are but I read this in the last AARP magazine if you would like to check it out.

    Quick healing to you !

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