I Am NOT Making A Paula Deen Recipe Ever Again!



Why, you ask?  Because they don’t always work for me and I am SICK of wasting ingredients.  I’m one of those people who likes to make a recipe according to the recipe the first time and then change it up.

I USED to love Paula Deen ~ the OLD Paula Deen before she became PAULA DEEN!  I love when I can catch an old show of hers on FN.  That’s the Paula Deen I loved.  I have a couple of recipes of hers that I use quite a bit and I love them.  But they are older recipes.

Last week I made two recipes that I had seen her make on her show that I wanted to try for a party we are having and both were a complete mess!  I’m not even going to post the recipes but I will link to them so you can see and I will post the picture of the jalapenos.  The other did not even look appetizing.

The chicken in cornbread recipe is a great idea.  I make something similar with beef and it works fine.  If I didn’t put the chicken and barbecue sauce in the microwave to warm up first, it would have been cold ~ yuck!  I made the muffins, made the dents, put the warm chicken in the dents and they looked fabulous.  I couldn’t get them out of the pan even though I had sprayed the heck out of it.  Maybe I should have taken the muffins out first like the recipe said but I couldn’t see how they wouldn’t break up if I did it that way.   I may mess around with it in the future but it isn’t high on my list.  I like the concept, not the directions.

BBQ Chicken in Cornbread Cups

The jalapeno bottle caps is another great concept.  I also watched them make this recipe only mine looked nothing like hers.  I followed the recipe and this is what I got:

Jalapeno Bottle Caps with Blue Cheese Dip

I’d have to do alot of work before I would try this again.  They were good so at least that made me happy!

Both recipes are off my list for parties, which is too bad because I think they would both be great.  There are a million recipes out there and it’s not hard to leave some behind!

Happy Cooking!


13 thoughts on “I Am NOT Making A Paula Deen Recipe Ever Again!

  1. I used her recipe for the jalapeño bottle caps. That recipe is way wrong. Not enough liquid when making it. I had to use 1 beer, not 8 Tbsp. to make it useable.

  2. I think your jalapeno bottlecaps look amazing! Just like Paula’s. I’m definitely going to try that one, thanks! I have to agree with you though, Paula’s recipes don’t always come out the same way when I follow her directions. I blame it on myself though, not Paula. But if you’re having the same problem too, then maybe it is her recipe’s directions after all! Thanks again

  3. I totally agree with you! I have tried to use some of her more recent recipes and they were complete disasters – and like you say – a huge waste of ingredients. I’m not sure what happened to her, but something has! I have a few of her old recipes that are wonderful, but I’m off making anything new of hers. Thanks for reaffirming this…I thought I was the only one having problems with her recipes! lol

  4. I agree, I loved the old Paula. I haven’t seen one of the old shows in a long time. I made so many of her recipes back then, now I seldom watch her.

  5. I too like the old Paula Deen and old Martha Stewart, before they run out of recipes that they have done all their pre-famous lives. To keep new recipes going and new seasons on TV, they have to be less picky about what recipes to throw together for a show. My two cents anyways 🙂 If you remember FN Star Aarti (my favorite of any of the finalists ever), she has a blog and writes about how she stresses out when she has to come up with her recipes for the next season. It’s a whirwind of cooking until she finds something good enough to show on TV.

    By now, are there really any “new” recipes. People have been cooking for so long, we’ve bound to hit the mathematical limit of ingredient combinations 🙂 (Sorry, my nerd is showing!)

    Thanks for keeping it real, Nancy. It’s good to know when a recipe isn’t as great as what you see on TV!

  6. I’ve had the same problem with her recipes. I have tried twice to make her red velvet cake and the oil seems to settle to the bottom of the cake each time. It’s awful!

  7. I was flipping channels recently and I came upon Paula Deen making a Mexican shrimp and grits recipe that looked delicious. I looked it up on foodnetwork.com and apparently had missed the part where she added a ton of Velveeta. To shrimp and grits.

    No thank you!

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