I haven’t forgotten but I have been having problems with my sugar levels so I haven’t been cooking anything good ~ just trying to get the levels down without much luck.

I am going to take some time to get them back to my “normal” so I probably won’t be posting too much and I am heading out on vacation soon, too, so when I get back, things should be better and I’ll get back to posting.

In the meantime, a couple of my friends have prepared posts so I’ll schedule those for when I’m away.  Their recipes look divine.  If anyone wants to do post a recipe while I’m gone, I need the recipe, a picture, and a bit about the recipe.  I’ll need it by Sunday night.

When I get back, I’ll write a post on diabetic/allergy dining and let you know how I stayed away from all the delectable, sugary foods I’m sure to encounter.  I have zero willpower so we’ll see how this goes.

I’ll be back soon with regular posts!

Happy Cooking!



4 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Dear Nancy,

    I missed your posts…it’s interesting how even on the internet, you begin to miss when the emails don’t come….I was thinking…hey, I haven’t gotten a recipe from Nancy, what’s up? I am sorry you are struggling with the “sugar levels”, I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you will be back stronger and better then ever LOL.
    Much love and thank you so much for the incredible work and recipes you’ve shared with the world….Brunie in Oceanside

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