Snowy Sunday


We *rarely* get snow here and when we do, it’s usually just a bit and in the blink of an eye, it’s gone.  As of noon today, we had 9 1/2 inches!  Everything is closed down, including tunnels, and it hasn’t let up a bit.  One thing about this area ~ they have no clue on how to plow roads.  Never mind neighborhoods.  We have to wait until it melts enough to get out of our street.  Crazy!

I decided that I’m not cooking today.  I’m exhausted and I pulled something in my shoulder so I’m taking it easy.  Worst of all ~ I have to ration my diet pepsi since I’m not stocked up and won’t get to the store for a few days.  ACK!

Here are some pics of our snowy Sunday!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe and new snow pictures!   I got a new fancy camera and a telephoto lens so hopefully there will be new fab photos in the not too distant future!

Happy Cooking!


2 thoughts on “Snowy Sunday

  1. Snow is beautiful until it gets dirty! Hope that everyone stays safe. Sorry about your shoulder hope that heals quickly. We are battling the nasty stomach virus in our house. Sun is shining so that is nice! Have a blessed day.

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