New Phase for My Blog?


I haven’t forgotten this blog at all!  I am thinking of taking it in a new direction ~ maybe more meal planning with menus and recipes and pics of course.  Or maybe in some other direction.

Here’s your chance to let me know what everyone is looking for.  The way the economy is going, I thought maybe meal planning would be the way to go ~ it really helps budget-wise.

So, what does everyone think?  Let me know in the comments section!

Happy Cooking!


7 thoughts on “New Phase for My Blog?

  1. We can always use: 5 ingredient
    Budget Menus with grocery lists
    Recipes with pictures
    One Hour Meals
    I am always looking for places like this place.

  2. Nancy,

    Personally I am of the opinion that your idea of menu planning is the way to go. Thanks for all you do to assist people with recipes and now perhaps with planning economical meals.
    If you have anything to help with meals/menus for a single, that would be my request.

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