Brisket Sandwiches

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I’ve been trying out recipes for a party we are having in August and this is one I tried last week.  The brisket was delicious and not difficult to make.  It just takes quite a bit on time in the oven.  I really enjoyed the sandwiches but the recipe is not really what I’m looking for so I won’t be having it at the party but I will be making it again for our family.  The recipe came from the FN show 5 Ingredient Fix.

Brisket Sandwiches

1 (6-pound) beef brisket, trimmed of fat
1/2 cup BBQ spice blend
4 cups water (1 cup cold, 3 cups hot)
1 tablespoon very finely ground coffee
1/4 cup brown sugar
Black pepper
1/4 cup cider vinegar
Potato or dinner rolls, split

Rub the brisket on both sides with the spice blend, cover with plastic wrap and let marinate overnight in refrigerator.

Preheat the oven to 350º.

Put the roast, fatty side up, in a roasting pan. Add 1 cup water to the pan and roast the brisket uncovered for 1 hour.

In a medium bowl, combine the coffee, brown sugar, pepper, to taste, 3 cups hot water and cider vinegar.

Remove the brisket from the oven, pour the coffee mixture over the brisket, cover with foil and braise until brisket reaches an internal temperature of 185 and is fork tender, about 3 hours. Remove to a carving board to let rest.

Simmer the braising liquid in the roasting pan on the stove top, skimming fat and allow to reduce just slightly or to desired consistency. I removed the fat and poured the liquid in a small saucepan and let it reduce.

Thinly slice beef across the grain (I shredded mine since it was so tender it wouldn’t slice). Place meat on a bun and spoon a little sauce over the meat on the bun. Serve. Pour the remaining sauce into a small bowl and serve it with the sandwiches.

Makes 12-16 sandwiches (depending on the size of your brisket)

Happy Cooking!

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