CSA Week #2


I just realized my blog turned 2 years old on May 30th!  WOW!  I still have so many recipes to share that I’ll be doing this for a loooong time!  On to more important matters…

Week 2 proved to be just as good as week 1!

As you can see from the pictures, everything looks great.  However, only about half of what I got is in the picture.  My daughter breezed in on her way back home from the Outer Banks and I gave her about half of the squash and the green beans.

The bag of peas are may peas which I know NOTHING about.  I have no idea how to cook them ~ they are not like regular green peas.  Copious amounts of googling has turned up little in the way of recipes or cooking instructions.  If any of you know what to do with them, please post with a link or recipe.  I really hate to waste them.

I used one of the cukes in my macaroni salad on Saturday and I plan to make my Mom’s stuffed peppers with the peppers.  I am trying a new green bean recipe tonight so I’ll post that this week sometime.  I’ll saute the squash ~ I love it that way!

Happy Cooking!

4 thoughts on “CSA Week #2

  1. they might be called may peas because they were harvested in may…..first of the season….you can plant peas in the spring and then plant ’em again in august for a fall harvest…..they don’t well during the summer….

    • I think you’re right ~ I don’t know what the heck I was thinking of…oh well, they are frozen so now harm done 🙂

  2. how are the peas different from regular peas? i have never heard of may peas before either….i would try to steam them though or lightly sautee them in some butter….

    or contact the place and ask if they have any suggestions….

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