CSA Week #1


Dh and I decided to take out our veggie garden this year for a couple of reasons ~ the squirrels ate everything and too many snakes.  We have loads of farm stands around so we thought we would just go with that but I did a little research on CSA’s (community supported agriculture) and decided that would be a god thing for us.  I finally found one that delivered close to my house ~ Clayhill Farms and decided to give it a try.  I bought one share which is enough for two people and since DH is not a veggie fan, it will be plenty for us.  This particular one goes for 20 weeks.

Here is what I got:

The radishes lasted about 5 minutes ~ as soon as I got in, I washed and trimmed them and DH ate them ALL.  He loved them ~ said they were nice and spicy!

I gave my DD some of the squash since she was on her way to the Outer Banks for a vacation with a houseful of friends and I know she will use them up.  All the rest I kept for myself.

I haven’t really decided what to do with all of it yet.  I made fresh strawberry mini-muffins with the berries and that recipe will be coming up tomorrow.  I’ll probably fry a part of the cabbage since I LOVE fried cabbage and I’m thinking of doing a stir-fry with the rest.  I’m a potato-o-holic so it’s just a matter of finding a recipe for the potatoes and it will be easy to use up the squash as well.  Look for recipes during the week!

I’m so happy with my first week ~ the quality and quantity is wonderful!!!!

No recipe today, but look for the muffin recipe tomorrow!

Happy Cooking!

5 thoughts on “CSA Week #1

  1. I tried a CSA last year, and due the very cool and wet Spring we had, I was disappointed in what I received each week. This year, I decided to just go with the farmer’s market, especially since I am a control freak and want to pick my own vegetables 🙂

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