An Interesting Way to Bake Potatoes on the Grill


Lately, I seem to be hooked on grilling and while going through some of my recipes, I came across this one for grilled baked potatoes.  Well, I’ve grilled potatoes on the grill before but not quite like this.  The end result was a perfectly baked potato.  You’d think it would taste salty but it doesn’t.

Baked Potatoes Added

Here’s all you have to do to have perfectly baked potatoes:

2 large baking potatoes
1 large box Kosher salt
Aluminum foil loaf pan

Spread some of the salt on the bottom of the pan to make a bed for the potatoes. Clean and prick potatoes in a few places with a fork to let the steam escape. Place on the bed of salt. Pour the rest of the box of salt around and covering the potatoes. Cover aluminum pan tightly with foil. Heat up your grill to about 375º or so and using indirect heat, place the pan on the grill, close grill. Let the potatoes cook for about an hour or until tender. Knock all the salt off the outside of the potatoes before eating.

The leftover salt can be thrown in the freezer in a Ziploc bag and kept for the next time you want grilled baked potatoes.

I didn’t have enough salt to cover the potatoes and they still baked up perfectly. I have no idea what the salt does but it makes for some very good potatoes.

Happy Cooking!

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3 thoughts on “An Interesting Way to Bake Potatoes on the Grill

  1. I’ve done this. A box of rock salt over fingerlings. They turned out great. Apparently, it steams and roasts at the same time, and the salt makes for an impenetrable barrier. Something like that. Glad you tried it!

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