Recipes from Blogs Challenge Pick #5


FYI ~ My posts this week are going to be spotty because DH is away on business and I don’t cook much when he’s gone so I won’t have anything to blog about 🙂

Here is my latest pick for my self-imposed challenge:


Garlic Chicken and Broccoli Pasta from Wills Kitchen .

I knew I was going to have to make this dish when I saw it on Will’s blog even though I’m not supposed to eat much pasta or cheese (I’ll make up for it in some other food area, LOL).  This dish is really easy to make and it is delicious.  It makes a fair amount which makes it good for a potluck or when you have company coming over.  I added more broccoli than chicken and I think you could leave the chicken out altogether.  I used a rotisserie chicken (gosh I love those things) instead of baking my own chicken which makes this dish even easier.

Will’s blog has some great recipes so I hope you’ll check it out if you haven’t been there before.


Happy Cooking!


7 thoughts on “Recipes from Blogs Challenge Pick #5

  1. YAY! Nancy i knew you wouldn’t fail me! I make a version of this with about a stick of butter… (hehe) and my husband kept saying his gram’s was creamy, i tried once and made an AWESOME dish but it was basically alfredo and not the “light” feeling dish i was used to (i realize butter isn’t light.. but ya know). i think the chicken stock ratio was what was missing! I’m going to try this one tonight minus the chicken.

  2. Why does your picture look so much different from the one on Will’s blog? Yours looks creamy, his doesn’t. What did you do different? I’d rather make yours.

    • I made a little more sauce, I think. When I’m cooking, I typically don’t measure ingredients and I had some chicken broth in the fridge to use up and it had to be closer to 1 cup than 3/4.

  3. Nancy, when my hubby is away I also hardly go near the kitchen, except to cook simple stuff (or to re heat homemade freezer meals) for my daughter. I just veg on the couch with a bowl of cornflakes or toast for dinner ! LOL :O)

  4. Before my local Indian restaurant went out of business I used to order a ton of food from there and eat it for a couple days while my husband was on a business trip. I miss that place! I don’t do cooking for one well.

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