I Am Ticked Off…


with Recipezaar owners.  I’m sure you know that Recipezaar is owned by Scripps which owns the Food Network.  The “powers that be” have done something so shortsighted that I am going to have to think long and hard about my continued participation as a forum host.  No, it’s not closing down but they have just ripped the heart of the forums out and I can only imagine the forums themselves will go eventually.  For today, Scripps sucks!

I am not in the mood to post a recipe today ~ I’m too busy putting all my recipes on Zaar into a program on my computer “just in case”.

I will leave you with a picture of this magnificent creature that was in our yard yesterday!


Happy Cooking!



7 thoughts on “I Am Ticked Off…

  1. I went and read the blog (thank you nancycg56 for posting it) and don’t really understand the fuss. I worked at a company that CNET purchased. They promised they valued all of us original employees, that they had no intentions of changing the company or of getting rid of us. Well less than a year later, after they’d acquired all of our technology and we’d trained all of their staff, they fired almost all of us. This is life. And it sometimes sucks.

    I enjoy Recipezaar and don’t mind whatever changes have taken place. I’m sorry you’re so frustrated by it, but truthfully, if the original owner really cared about the business and the site, he wouldn’t have sold it off to a monster corporation.

    • I’m over it ~ I just don’t have the same enthusiasm for it so I do my hosting job, post here and there, and that’s about it. It’s a shame really. It’s still a great site for recipes but I find I’m using my cookbooks and magazines much more than I used to 😀

    • I’m pretty sure it’s a red tailed hawk. We have a few that fly around but they never land in my yard. He was huge ~ I think he could have carried Zippy off pretty easily. I tried to get a picture with his head turned to see his beak but he was watching me through my window and wouldn’t turn.

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