Recipes from Blogs Challenge


I read lots of food and recipe blogs every day and so many of them have such delicious looking recipes.  I decided that during 2009, I am going to pick one recipe from a blog each week and add it to my menu.  I’ll spotlight that blog and link to it and the recipe when I blog about it.  I’ll try and do a different blog each week but I might double up on a couple.  I won’t post in advance what recipe from what blog because things change here and I might have to put a certain recipe off for a week or two.

I’ll make a special page with links for all the recipes that I try after I blog about them.

If anyone wants to join me, please do.

If there is a recipe on your blog that you really love, leave me a comment with a link and if it works for my family and our weird food quirks, I’ll give it a shot.

Happy Cooking!



14 thoughts on “Recipes from Blogs Challenge

  1. Nancy, this is a lovely idea & a nice way to connect with fellow foodie bloggers, too ! I will participate as & when I have the time throughout the year (perhaps not as often as every week though). I would LOVE you to try my “Malva Pudding” recipe sometime, which is a traditional African (Dutch/South Africa) pudding & from what I can tell about your cooking style (& what your family like to eat !) I’m pretty sure it will be a hit in your household 😉 Here is the link to the recipe on my blog -:

  2. Maci ~ I just took a quick look at your blog and already see several dishes we would like ~ I’ll check it out more when I get a few minutes ~ thanks for pointing me in your direction!

  3. I already have an entire list of blog recipes already (including your chocolate peanut cookies). It’s my biggest source of inspiration most times! Can’t wait to see what you dig up.

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