Delicious Deviled Eggs


Woohoo!  I got a new tricked out computer!!!  I’m sure you remember my meltdown last month ~ DS cannabalized computer parts for me and put together a working computer but I couldn’t stand it anymore so yesterday I went and bought a new one.  I think this is the first time DH and I have had a new computer ~ we usually get hand-me-downs.  Too cool!

Anyway, do you love deviled eggs like we do?  I used to just mash up the yolk and mix with mayo and stuff the egg halves.  I tried this recipe from Recipezaar for a party we had a year or two ago and have been making them like this since.  They are really addicting so make sure you make enough.

Here’s the link:  Miss Daisy’s Deviled Eggs



Happy Cooking!



4 thoughts on “Delicious Deviled Eggs

  1. Deviled eggs is the dish your nephew always makes when he has to “bring something” (who wouldhave guessed?!) Anyway, he says he adds some horseradish!

    And congrats on your new computer!

  2. I love deviled eggs, but didn’t have them until I was an adult. Hubby LOVES them and made me start making them at the holidays. He said when he was a kid, they only used mayonnaise, yellow mustard and pickle juice. They also probably didn’t have anything else on hand, but that’s besides the point – they are gooood like that. So, so simple good.

    I would love to try Worcestershire and green onions though. How could that be bad?

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