Thanksgiving and Black Friday Pictures!


We had a VERY delicious Thanksgiving and I thought some might be interested to see pictures of us.  Here goes!


From the left are my DS, my DD, and DD’s boyfriend.


From the left is my DS, my DH, and ME.  You can see the dogs in the doorway behind us.

My pictures of our meal didn’t come out that great because everybody was hungry and we were already half an hour late eating ~ I’ll post them tomorrow with some recipes.

DD and I were up and out the door this morning at 3:30 AM and in line at Kohl’s at 3:40 AM:



We went from Kohl’s to Walmart (NEVER AGAIN), to Bed, Bath and Beyond, to Target, and finally to Old Navy.  Then we came home, slept for an hour and went back out to MIchael’s, Petsmart, and finally met DH and DS at Chili’s for lunch.

Here is DD’s car when all was said and done:



Happy Cooking!


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Black Friday Pictures!

  1. Nancy, thanks so much for posting pictures of yourself & your family – it’s lovely to finally ‘see’ you and your family after ‘reading’ you for so long !

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