Thanksgiving Menu

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I lost all my food pictures in my great computer meltdown and I don’t want to post a recipe without a picture so I am going to be behind a little.  So, today I’ll post my menu for Thanksgiving.

Our family tradition is that everyone gets to have their favorites for the meal ~ no matter how many dishes I have to cook.  The funny thing is, it’s pretty much stayed the same for a long time.  Every once in awhile I’ll mix in something new but not very often.  Some of the recipes are already here on my blog so I’ll link to them, some of them will be coming when I take pictures of them on Thanksgiving, and one of them is a family secret.

Monkey Bread

I’ll be putting out some nibbles but I haven’t decided on which ones yet and I may put some butternut squash soup in the crockpot.

The Perfect Turkey ~ recipe coming
Stuffing ~ just basic bread stuffing
Gravy ~ I am trying something new this year and I’ll post the recipe if it works
Holiday Mashed Potatoes ~ recipe coming
Sweet Potatoes ~ recipe coming
My Mom’s Mac and Cheese
Green Bean Casserole ~ yes THAT casserole
Roasted Winter Vegetables ~ recipe coming
Peas and Corn
Rolls ~ haven’t decided on a recipe yet and will post the recipe
Easy Cole Slaw
Cinnamon Pears ~ secret family recipe

Pumpkin Pie ~ I use the Libby’s recipe
Chocolate Pie ~ cooked chocolate pudding in a pie crust covered with whipped cream
Mixed Berry Cheesecake ~ recipe coming

What’s on YOUR menu this year?

Happy Cooking!



One thought on “Thanksgiving Menu

  1. We’re not cooking this year & this is the first year I’ll go to my inlaws for Thanksgiving so I’m not sure what they’ll have on the menu. I will though be bringing the cranberry horseradish relish

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