A Halloween Treat


I was reading Michele’s blog A Big Cup of Tea and found this recipe for Peanut Butter Cups and decided to try it!  Oh my ~ there were soooooooo good!  They were easy to make and taste so much fresher than the kind you buy.  Michele’s blog is GREAT with great recipes and some really cute crafts ~ check it out!

I made mine in regular sized muffin pans just in time for Halloween.  Thanks for posting the recipe, Michele!

Here are some Halloween pictures from last night:

Our pumpkin

Our pumpkin

We didn’t decorate too much this year ~ just a little in the front yard.  These pics were taken when it was still light out.

Doggie jail (aka our front porch)

Doggie jail (aka our front porch)

Heading for the candy

Heading for the candy

Happy Cooking!

5 thoughts on “A Halloween Treat

  1. Wow, Nancy! Yours turned out great! Your picture is making me hungry for the peanut butter cups and I may have to make them again, even with all of this Halloween candy in my house, hehe!

    Your yard looks spooktacular and your little jaildog is so cute!!



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