Tuesdays with Dorie ~ on Thursday


Yeesh, where has this week gone to?

O.M.G. ~ this is DIVINE!  Creme brulee is my very favorite dessert and this is so easy to make.  It tastes like a fine restaurant dessert.

I used the broiler to caramelize the brown sugar because I could just picture myself burning my house down using the butane ~ somedays I shouldn’t even be allowed to use a knife, LOL!  I think it got a little too done in a couple of spots but we scarfed it down anyway.

I have a creme brulee set that I had never used so I used it ~ the ramekins and the pan ~ but followed the directions in Dorie’s book.  Perfect!

This week’s treat was chosen by Mari of  Mevrouw Cupcake

You can find the recipe on Mari’s site and you can check out what all the other bloggers are saying by visiting Tuesdays with Dorie

Happy Cooking!

4 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie ~ on Thursday

  1. What a cute little creme brulee! You and me both on the torch thang, I mentioned it once to my guy and… at least I can appreictae the heroic effort he made not to laugh too hard at the idea. Blow up one pan of pork chops that end up on the ceiling…

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