Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches


This recipe is kind of a re-run ~ it’s a different way to make Mom’s Breakfast Sandwiches .  It’s just as easy but more filling, I think.  You can use whatever kind of bagel you want ~ it would be delish with an everything bagel.  Also, use whatever kind of breakfast meat or lunch meat that you want.  We like Canadian bacon so that’s what I usually use.  I used American cheese slices but any kind of cheese would work ~ use your favorite!

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

1 bagel, your choice, toasted
1 egg, fried hard or scrambled
1 slice breakfast meat or a couple slices lunch meat
1 slice cheese, your choice

Toast bagel. While bagel is toasting, fry or scramble your egg. Heat breakfast or lunch meat in a frying pan and melt cheese over top of meat.

To assemble ~ one half of bagel, meat with cheese, egg, one half of bagel.

Makes one sandwich.

Happy Cooking!

4 thoughts on “Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches

    • You can buy round forms with a handle for eggs (inexpensive) at kitchen stores or you can just keep using your spatula to keep the white from running all over. I just break them in the pan, let them cook and then if they are really too big for the bagel, just fold them (this is what I usually do since I am basically lazy) to fit.

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