Paula Deen


I mentioned yesterday that I was going to see Paula Deen here in town.  Oh my, she was a hoot!  She is so funny.  Here are some pictures ~ I’ll be back in a bit to post today’s recipe!

She really didn’t do much cooking and did more talking.  Another chef did the cooking ~ she made stuffed pork chops, red rice, and orange brownies.  The Health Dept. frowns on tasting so we didn’t get to taste anything.  She did pass around the brownies but the kids in the audience scarfed them up.  They passed out the recipes so I am going to try those brownies in the week or so.

Happy Cooking!

5 thoughts on “Paula Deen

  1. No butter shooters, LOL, but she did use a TON of butter up there!

    We could shout questions to her but that’s it. As part of the charity, you could buy tickets for lunch with her and she would sign books and talk to you there. They were sold out in minutes ~ and expensive since then you had to buy a ticket to see her show.

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