How I Spent My Saturday…

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DH is looking for a kayak so I thought I would bring my camera along to keep myself amused. Here’s our day:

We started out at:

Bass Pro Shop

Bass Pro Shop

I’m not that thrilled with Bass Pro Shops ~ there are too many dead, stuffed animals in there and it gives me the creeps. To prove my point:

I am petrified of bears (we have them up at the lake) so I have an unnatural obsession with photographing them ~ dead or alive.

There are other interesting things at Bass Pro Shops, like ~

LIVE fish!

LIVE fish!

FINALLY, we left and decided to go up the road to WIlliamsburg to my all-time favorite store (I’ve even made the pilgrimage to the original store in Maine):

We actually got some really buys here ~ they were having a huge sale.

After Bean’s we went to the Yankee Candle store…hold on to your hats, YC fans….

On the way up we sat in traffic and on the way home we sat in traffic:

And that’s the Reader’s Digest condensed version of my Saturday!

Happy Cooking!


One thought on “How I Spent My Saturday…

  1. Nancy thanks so much for sharing these photos – I loved them ! (Not too sure about the stuffed bears though 😦 ) LOL anyway the gorgeous shop interiors more than made up for the grizzly bears … wow, they look like something out of a glossy magazine … really stunning and I could have browsed for hours in places like that ! Hope that your’e enjoying the rest of the weekend 🙂

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