A couple of pictures


My DH went out and bought me a new camera today so while I am waiting for the battery to charge, I thought I would post a couple of pictures I took before DH dropped my camera in the lake. I was ecstatic that my memory card hung on to all the pictures!

The first three are pictures of what we see when we go out the back door. The lake is really pretty and it’s fun to walk down the lawn and be at the lake.

Here is one of many pictures I have of Zippy swimming ~ he just loved the water as did Zoey.

The dogs did so well ~ they were crated for a long time while we went to the viewing and the funeral.

The house was my parents summer home but my Mom deeded it over to my brother a couple of years ago and it reminds me of him alot. He just did a huge remodeling a couple of years ago ~ the inside looks like a magazine. I didn’t get any pics of that because i waited till the end and by then my camera was toast. Darn DH! I don’t think that I will ever get to go back and that’s sad but we have loads of happy memories from over the years.

I will be back with recipes tomorrow. Thanks for indulging me a little!

Happy Cooking!


2 thoughts on “A couple of pictures

  1. Zippy and Zoey had a blast! They were either tracking some animal or swimming or in the boat or making friends with the local dogs (there is no leash law up there). I hated taking them out at night because of the bears but we didn’t see any ~ although I am sure they saw us, LOL!

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