A Vacation of Sorts


We are packing up the dogs and heading out for a vacation of sorts. A vacation only in that my scenery will change. I am not looking forward to 12 hours in the car with the dogs.

My brother has cancer and is not doing very well so I want to see him one more time. He was moved back in ICU this morning so I’m not sure we’ll make it in time. I hope I have the strength NOT to cry like a blubbering idiot if I do get to see him ~ I HATE that I cry so easily. I know I’m grasping at straws here but I hope it’s just one of those setbacks they warned us about. My Mom will just go to pieces so I hope that my sister and I can handle everything.

On the bright side, my DD is already up there and she finishes up her internship next week so I will get to see her ~ I have missed that kid. I’ll be driving back down here with her so we’ll have a good old gab fest.

I’ll be back posting recipes on August 21 if everything goes well. If not, I’ll get back to the blog as soon as I can. There is no internet and spotty cell phone coverage up in the boonies.

See you soon!

Happy Cooking!


8 thoughts on “A Vacation of Sorts

  1. My very best wishes to you and your family.

    Please don’t feel bad about crying. It just shows that you have a good heart! And who wouldn’t feel like crying in such a situtation?

    My mom is always apologizing for crying, and I’m always saying “Please, Mom, I really don’t mind!”

  2. Nancy;
    My brother had cancer too but I did not have a chance to see him when it got terminal. Thinking of you and your family at this difficult time.

  3. Nancy, I’ll be thinking of you & your family during this time. (We’ll miss your daily recipes, but look forward to hearing from you when you get back !) I, too, cry at the drop of a hat, so I know what that feels like ! Stay strong, & I hope that your brother will be okay ….. at least you are all together as a family at a time like this.
    Bye for now

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