Things are looking up!


DH is doing much, much better and, hopefully, will be coming home sometime today. It’s a teaching hospital so it has to get approved by 6 or 7 people before it’s official and you know how that is.

He had a raging infection in his thumb that moved up to his bicep. It is one of those cases where everybody and their brother come in just to look at it and say “that’s so weird”. It’s especially weird because there is no obvious reason for the infection ~ and that is driving the doctors nutty. Sounds like a case for Dr. House, LOL!

They had to keep it from moving to his bones (think amputation) so that’s why they kept him. He is in a splint for a couple more days and still taking masses doses of antibiotics but we can take care of that at home.

So things are looking up and he can go back to work tomorrow ~ although he does everything on a computer and his right hand is in a splint ~ but that’s his problem.

Thank you so much for all the good wishes ~ I believe in the power of positive thinking πŸ™‚ I’ll be back with a recipe tomorrow!

Happy Cooking!


2 thoughts on “Things are looking up!

  1. Hi Nancy!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your hubby … but glad he is OK and soon to be back home! I’m sure your wonderful home cooking will make his recovery go a lot faster! πŸ™‚


  2. How very odd! My husband had a weird infection in his thumb like that, it eventually went away but h had it for months… didn’t start with a cut or anything.. just lots of peeling skin and red/tenderness… weird.
    Glad to hear he is doing well… looking forward to more recipes πŸ™‚

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