Easy Cream Puffs


I used to make these fairly often and hadn’t in awhile so I made some yesterday and they are still easy peasy to make. You can fill them with whatever you want…I’ve even made them small and put savory fillings in them for tea parties. The filling I am posting is very good but definitely not like the kind you get in a bakery. I use an ice cream scoop to scoop the dough out of the pan.

Ready to go in the oven:

Just out of the oven:

Ready to eat:

Easy Cream Puffs

1 cup water
1/2 cup butter
1 cup flour
4 eggs

1 small package instant vanilla pudding
3/4 cup milk
2 cups cold whipping cream

Heat oven to 400º. Heat water and butter to a rolling butter. Stir in flour. Stir the mixture vigorously for one minute over low heat until mixture forms a ball. Remove from heat and beat in all of the eggs at the same time. Place back on low heat and continue to mix until the dough is smooth.

Drop dough my 1/4 cupfuls onto an ungreased baking sheet.

Bake 35 minutes or until puffed and golden brown. Let cool for a few minutes. Cut off tops and pull out the soft dough, then fill and replace tops.

Filling: In a bowl, blend the pudding and milk on low speed with a mixer. Add the whipping cream and beat 2 minutes on medium speed or until the mixture forms soft peaks.

Makes 10 to 12 depending on size.

Happy Cooking!

2 thoughts on “Easy Cream Puffs

  1. I barely make dough from scratch before. Sorry, I like to clarfied. What did you meant by Heat water and butter to a rolling butter. Heat or cook it on the stove or oven? Also what do I use for utensil to mix the ingredient to make the puff( dough)?

    • Put the water and butter in a saucepan and heat to a full boil on the stove top. I use a wooden spoon to mix the dough. Hope this helps some!

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